who are we We are a family. This family residence within the borders of our business partners, extends to our business partners abroad. Since 1982 is growing rapidly, we are developing. Trust each other, respect, and we understand each other. We care about our employees and trust in their ability accumulation, we refer to the opinion. We expect them to take responsibility and use their initiative. We believe that they were representatives of a business depends on our employees' understanding of moral values. We may share with our top issues. Our proposals are evaluated, is put into practice, we therefore rewarded. Our personal goals and company objectives are in effective compliance. Our information flow is healthy. We believe that the success of Polat and employees at all levels to satisfy our customers need to be motivated and happy. monitor and evaluate developments in the sector, we have a pioneering and enterprising approach. We are committed to systematic individual. We are hardworking, researcher, have written goals. Plan, we will closely monitor our business. We know how to listen, but we defended to the end that we know is true. ... We are a family until we can direct routed democratic ensure that our participation in management decisions. Such a family is proud to be members and our company is not only our knowledge, our overall view of the quality principles and strive to represent the best from every aspect of our brief embrace.

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